Shoreline- protect & conserve. The beach is not a bin

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Idyllic coast?

Idea's for my painting's come naturally as I love to walk on the beaches and cliffs, especially on an a sunny Spring/Summer morning, I adore the smell of the gorse, hearing the crickets in the dune grass, watching butterflies idle gently while bee's flit over the shrubs, Always my breath is taken, when my eye is cast over the splendour of the jewel like Sea. 


St Ives Harbour

Manmade pollution

Inspiration     June 2010

"A few years ago I donated a painting to a local community group called Save our Sands at Hayle Towan Beach, as a fitting tribute to some special ladies lost in our family."

"Losing family has influenced the journey of my work, its simply not enough to recycle & up cycle, if I can raise awareness of current man made pollution  issues within my work, I feel that my work has purpose & value". 
I am especially pleased that since the launch of Blue Planet ii, that the 'Attenborough' effect has made such an impact on the U.K and it is fantastic to see so many new groups get involved on beach cleans and at the same time keeping my work current.

'Natural beauty' found at woodlands, forests, amazons, oceans are being devastated to build our homes, for fuel, for food & ultimately for money.
Can ancient trees be replaced?
I challenge you!
Can you go to the supermarket, check the ingredients on your bread and purchase something that does not contain palm oil?

Orangutans and there habitat are being devastated for the palm oil used in most of the food we eat and most of us do not realise.

If honey is cheap, it could 'bee' that the beekeepers kill there bees over winter to save costs, check what you buy, do ask questions, there is always a price, maybe just not for you.
The war on plastic has begun in the UK at last, but its not nearly enough.

Is it possible to restore the balance of nature?
The wonderful voiceless mammals, animals & wildlife near extinction need your help, follow me and sign the petitions needed to #makeadifference.

Dolphins at St Michaels Cornwall

Save Our Sands
Coastal erosion and over dredging damage the dunes.

Unhinged - Coastal Erosion
Save our sand Dunes at Hayle, Cornwall
Save our Sands original canvas
Cornish Dunes - before the visitors
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